Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun Foto Friday (FFF)

Don't you just LOVE the first corn on the cob of the summer!

During summer, we have "quiet time." The little one can nap, and the older ones can read books, or nap...or play with stickers apparently!
After our supper, we went to the park. The kids had fun running down the hill. Abbigail is a monkey. Don't you just LOVE their smiles?? :-) I know I do!
I have decided on one "routine" to make the summer easier. I don't know about all kids, but mine would be perfectly happy if I let them play on the computer, Wii, and watch TV all day. I printed out "TV tickets" and "Computer/Wii" tickets on the computer this morning. Each ticket is worth 30 minutes. Each child gets one ticket of each per day. That means they can each choose one 30 minute program or video. If they want to watch a full-length movie, they must combine their tickets to equal the movie length. I am also planning on finding some home-schooling curriculum to use this summer for all of the children, especially Abbigail. I don't want her to backslide during the summer. Andrew knows his letters, numbers, and would be wonderful if he entered K being able to read small words! My goal for Bethany is to know her colors and shapes(she already knows most), able to write her name, numbers, and some of her letters. This is going to be so fun! These are just some ideas to keep ourselves busy, so we don't get bored! Then there is always softball, T-Ball, swimming lessons....oh, I think we'll keep busy!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Remember what it's all about...those who gave all. This has special meaning for me this year. My brother-in-law is in the army. He has been stationed in Hawaii for about 18 months (sounds rough, I know!), but we think he will be sent to Iraq soon. We pray for his safety daily! Thank you all who have served our country, in the past or keep us safe and give us the freedoms we so enjoy and sometimes take for granted. THANK YOU!

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