Monday, May 14, 2007

Beautiful Weekend...Happy Mother's Day!

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful! The kids wanted to go "swimming" on Friday, so we filled up our little pool and they splashed and played for a long time. Saturday Abbigail and Andrew had their last soccer game. However, since Andrew has been having so many problems with his asthma, I didn't let him play. He cheered his team on. Poor kid can't even run across the room without starting to cough his head off. Abbigail has really enjoyed soccer this year, and I think Andrew is catching on. Abbie really gets in there and fights for the ball, she's not scared of anything!
After the game, they were so hot and sweaty, they put on their swimming suits and went straight back into the pool. They played in there for about an hour before I made them come in for a rest...then they were right back out there for most of the afternoon/evening! Boy were they tired Saturday night!!!! I am adding a few of my favorite pictures. Andrew and Abbie would take a little run and jump into the pool...Abbigail really looked like she was flying! I can't wait till the city pool opens up and we get to go in the "Big Pool!"

Yesterday was Mother's Day. When my alarm went off, Abbigail came running into my room...FULLY dressed and ready to leave for church! I have no idea how long she had been up! She made me two little rose buds in her Brownie group, so she was excited to give me her gift. At church, Warren and the kids gave me some adorable/sweet cards. Then after church we went out for lunch. Bethany and I got to choose together since her birthday is the next day. We chose Applebees! We did some shopping and then came home. All in all it was a nice day to spend with my family. Thank you God for the wonderful gift of my children. I was so impatient waiting for them. I thought my timing was perfect, but it wasn't! If God had given me the kids when I wanted them, I would have had to put Abbigail into childcare so that I could work full time in order for Warren to finish Seminary. Thank you God for knowing better, and looking at the bigger picture. God sent her to us at the PERFECT time! She was born 8 weeks after we moved to our first church...I was able to stay home and be a full time mom. Isn't God good??? :-)

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