Friday, May 11, 2007

What a week!

First of all I want to thank you for your prayers. Both Andrew and Dad are doing better. Dad's recovery will be a long process, but he's moving in the right direction.
One of our favorite family activities is going out to the lake. There is a state park about 10 miles from our town, small, but lovely. We like to take our little grill and do hot dogs, hamburgers, or brats. My husband and Abbie love to fish! (Just ask her who catches more fish...SHE does!!!) Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so we decided it was a good evening for fishing. While daddy and Abbigail are off trying to "feed" the fish, Bethany and Andrew play while I get supper ready. They were having so much fun just being kids. Andrew picked up a stick to practice his Jedi training (anyone else have Star War fans at their house??) and Bethany just ran around non-stop! Eventually she stuck her hand in the fire ring (we weren't using it...she didn't get burned!) to touch the ashes and coals left from someone else's fire. She didn't realize that she had black on her hands and she wiped it on her face...I guess she's exploring her Native American heritage! Another family we know from town came as we were finishing our dinner, so the kids all played together while I cleaned up. It is such a good time to just get away for a little bit. No TV, no computer, no cell phones (REALLY! There is no service out there!). Just quiet (for the most part!!) We always enjoy it a lot!
Today was a busy morning. Andrew's school had it's "Spring Program" at 10:00. They did a little play called "Upside down Frowns and Splashes of Joy." It was really cute. It was about how we can take simple everyday things and remind people that Jesus loves them...and that turns their frowns upside down! After the play, they recited all of their memory verses and their songs for the entire year. They learned a Bible verse and song to go along with each of the fruits of the Spirit. Boy do those little kids have a great memory! And to watch as 15 little kids try to stay together singing and reciting...PRECIOUS!
As soon as the program was over, daddy stayed with Andrew and Bethany for cookies and artwork, while I ran to Abbigail's school for the 1st Grade Mother's Day Lunch. I was a bit late and of course she was worrying...even though I told her that I would be late, but that I would be there! We went to the gym so they could show us a dance they had been practicing. Abbigail grabbed a boy's hand, and he looked mortified. Poor kid. She just kept dancing and was so funny. Someone needs to tell that girl that boys are supposed to lead. :-) Then we had lunch and I read her class a book while her teacher tried to find some of the kids. Apparently we took too long to eat (talked too much I guess!) The kids usually go outside for recess right after lunch, but by the time we were done, the 2nd grade was already out on the playground, so she told us to go back to the classroom, but some of the kids had already gone outside. So I got to play teacher with the ones in the classroom while she went to find the ones outside. Boy do I miss teaching!!! I don't want my kids to grow up too fast, but I can't wait to get back to the classroom myself. Thanks Abbigail for a wonderful lunch. Thank you Andrew for a great play. Thank you Bethany for the extra hugs. Thank you, all three of you, for loving me and making me smile!

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ronvic7 said...

Glad to hear everyone is getting better, you all look like you were having a ball! What fun:)