Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy week ahead!!

I thought things would slow down once school was out. I wasn't thinking about all the BUSY things that go on during summer...June especially!! T-Ball, Softball, Baseball, practice for all of the ball teams, Library story-time (X2 age groups!) are just a few of the things that keep me busy. Since I know we will be BUSY, I thought I should plan some meals so that I can make sure I have the stuff on hand for some quick meals! goes!

Monday: Italian chicken packets on the grill, Italian bread and salads (Mom & Dad are coming to visit!! Yippee!)

Tuesday: Panini's for lunch. Supper will be BLT's (maybe) or Pizza Hut buffet (then ball games)

Wednesday: Warren will be at LYF so the kids and I are on our own...probably sandwiches.

Thursday: more ball games, so quick hamburgers and fruit

Friday: Spaghetti and salads (spaghetti squash so that my husband can eat with us!!)

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