Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ball Games...

I'm going to try to post a bunch of pics today...try to catch you up just a bit on what we've been doing this summer to keep so stikin' busy!
Ball games have been our Tuesdays and Thursdays through the month of June. Bethany played t-ball in the morning while Abbigail and Andrew played their games in the evening. Abbigail really got into softball this year. She even decided that she wanted to go to the pitching clinic and open practice...which added 3 more practices a week!A lot of Bethany's friends were on her team...and she's had a great time!
Andrew had a good year in baseball...and he made the CUTEST catcher...for 2 innings. He was jumping out of the way of the ball as it came in and Warren told him he was wearing all that padding/gear for a reason, the ball wouldn't hurt. Well, Warren was wrong. Andrew quit jumping out of the way and got hit in the thigh...but he tried to suck it up and not cry. The very next pitch hit him in the arm...he cried, he howled, he REFUSED to be catcher any more! A week later during warm-up he tried to catch a pop-fly, onlly he missed...he caught the ball in his nose. BLOOD everywhere. I don't think his white baseball pants will ever be the same! We got the blood to stop, his teeth were fine (I was afraid about him loosing his teeth!) He said he quits baseball and he wasn't ever going to play again! But a lot of boys were gone that night, so his coach said "We REALLY need you Andrew!" And he hopped up, grabbed his mit and ran out to right field! What a sport!
My Mom and Dad were even able to come out for a quick trip to see all the kids play a game! It was so special to have them here to watch and cheer on my kiddos!! So thankful they were able to be here!!!

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