Saturday, January 31, 2009


We just got home from Andrew's first wrestling tournament this year. He had to wrestle 3 other boys, and he won against ALL of them!! He pinned his first opponent, and won by points with the other two!!! OH, YEA, THAT's MY BOY!! He worked so hard! I told him I am so proud of him for working SO hard!!

Sorry I haven't been around much...I'm a bit under the weather. There is so much "yuck" going around, and I think a preschooler or two(hundred) coughed on me this week...and gave me a yucky cough, sinus headache, etc. Feeling icky, but keeping on keeping on. Too much to do to slow down for long!

And, now we are off! Gotta pick both girls up from birthday parties and then we need to run to "little big city" to do a little shopping and go to a concert. One of our church college kids and her college choir have traveled all the way to Kansas from South we are going to go listen to the beautiful music!


Anonymous said...

get a Netty Pot. Becki and Michelles' households sware by them. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Love ya aunt marilyn

Elizabeth said...

Great Job Andrew!! We've been under the weather too, and now I am included :P