Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We love Glenda

Many of you might remember that my neighbors are moving. The days are dwindling, and we are trying to love on Glenda while we can. Anytime we see her outside, we head over for hugs. Last night when we arrived home from VBS she was outside trying to take a picture of a spider, silly thing wouldn't cooperate! Glenda is a very talented photographer. Her sprinklers were running, and I told my kids to go ahead and have fun so I could chat with Glenda. They were all hot and sweaty and I was planning to shower them when we got home anyway! They ran and had fun, Glenda and I chatted a bit, and she snapped away. Before I even got myself to bed, she emailed me the pictures. Like I said, she's a very talented photographer...when she moves I guess I'll have to get my camera out more often!

Glenda called them over and whispered something in their ears, and soon they all came running, DRIPPING over to me and gave me WET hugs...what fun!

Glenda has a BIG frog/toad (HOPPY THING...ICK!) living in her srinkler box, she wanted to show the kids, so I took the camera and snapped a few, I'm so thankful they couldn't find that nasty hopping thing! (Have I ever told you how much I HATE frogs?)

We will live next to this wonderful woman for only about one more week, then she will move to Ohio to join her husband who began a new job there 2 months ago. We already miss Terry, and now we know we will miss Glenda, too. The family who will be moving in is going to be fun to have around, though. They have 3 kids, a daughter Andrew's age, a son Bethany's age, and a 1 year old daughter. We know this family and like them a lot, it will be good to have more kids on the block...and it will be fun to get to know them better. But, they will never fill Terry and Glenda's shoes!


Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! We will dearly miss Glenda and Terry.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened to my comment - but I/we loved the pictures. Glenda really got some neat action shouts. I loved the ones with the water drops. She also had some really cute subjects to photo. I remember her shouting pictures of Bethany and the kids when Bethany was just born. She has been a good neighbor....but then so are you!! Love ya - M&D