Monday, June 16, 2008

Blastball, T-Ball, and Softball

All three of my kiddos are playing ball this summer.
Bethany is in blastball (teaches basics of hitting and running to the base, and fielding). Andrew is in T-Ball (the next step up). Abbigail is in her second year of softball (hitting from a pitching machine). The fun thing about Abbie's league is that they get to try all the positions...this last game she got to play catcher. She is so tiny and the quipment was so HUGE. It was absolutly HILARIOUS! She loved it, though! She like catching the ball, and even when it hit the protective gear, it didn't hurt! (Dad, I thought you would be especially proud of her for this!!) Sorry the picture's of Abbigail are so dark. Her game didn't start until after 9:00 in the evening!

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Anonymous said...

Abbie has good form as a catcher - must be in the genes!! Thanks for all the pics.

Dad / Papa