Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still not up to par

I can't believe I'm still not feeling 100%. No throwing up since Thursday (a week ago), and I did feel much better for a few days...but I'm sick again. Now I have a cough, achy, and feel feverish sometimes. What is up with this??? I managed to avoid almost all the bugs the kids had during the school year, but now I can't seem to get rid of all this "STUFF!" It's about to drive me batty. I have NO stamina or strength. Just making the bed yesterday made me exhausted. I could hardly lift the mattress to fix the sheets...usually it's no problem. I've got an appointment at the blood drive this afternoon, but I don't think they want my blood right now. I did feel better on Monday, just in time for Hubby and I to go out on our yearly date to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to dinner, walked around at Home Depot to look at items we need to work on finishing our basement, and then we went to see the new Narnia movie. Prince Caspian is good, but not a kid flick. WAY too much violence and scary stuff. Our kids are disappointed because they LOVE the Narnia series and LOVE the first movie. We told them that as soon as it comes out on DVD, we would buy it and let them watch most of it. We would skip the violent battle scenes and the other stuff that is too intense for them. They are trying to be patient! :o)
We had the youth group over last night for their "SUMMER BBQ" party. We try to have them over here for a party at least twice a year, at the beginning of school and at the beginning of summer vacation. We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, potato salad and macaroni salad (bought from Wal-Mart...I'm not up to cooking lots yet). We then had smores over the grill. What fun! When we were all done eating, we came inside to play games. My kids thought Candy Land was the ideal game, and the teens were good sports and played a round with them. Then we got out the "Dance Dance Revolution" that is fun to watch! They all stuck around until 10:00...and then the party was over. I basically sat on the couch and cheered everyone on. Didn't do the dance thing myself!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

- Rob and I had The Stomach Flu about 6 weeks ago and we didn't really begin to feel too much better for about 15-20 days after it first hit. The pharmacists where I work said it was a violent strain going around this year and not to stress about doing too much, too soon. Thankfully both of us are feeling great. I am praying you feel at your best soon.

- Happy Anniversary!

Unashamed said...

My kids love DDR. Guitar Hero too.

Happy belated Anniversary to you and hope you are feeling better soon!