Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3:23 am

warning...those with weak stomachs, read no further!

Why am I posting to the blog at 3 am?? Because I'm up. Abbigil was sent home from school on Monday because she threw up. She threw up a few times through-out Monday, but she was fine on Tuesday...she even went fishing with Daddy. I thought I felt funny last night before I went to bed, but I thought it was just too much salad...nope. Bethany crawled in bed with me sometime during the night and at 2 she was very restless. I told her to lay still or go back to her bed. She said her tummy hurt REAL bad. I handed her the "puke bucket" I had taken to bed with me and told her to go to the living room. She didn't make it out of the bedroom before she used the bucket. After she was done, I got her cuddled in a blanket in the living room just in time to run to the bathroom and puke myself. Now, an hour and a half later she has puked 3 more times, and I have done it once more.

Please keep us in your prayers. I'm feeling pretty weak and very tired.

But, in good news, Hubby and I have been working pretty hard on eating better and exercising. As of yesterday morning we have lost a total of 12 I bet I've added a few more in the past couple of hours. ick


Anonymous said...

What a horrible way to lose weight, Andie!! I really hope you all get over it soon. Did Abigail get to go to her last day of school? Be Well!!!! Love, Aunt Patty.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Andrew and Warren don't get it too. I hope you are feeling better today.