Sunday, April 20, 2008 pictures (sorry)

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Friday evening Warren and Abbigail went to the lake for fishing, Andrew had soccer practice. Saturday morning was beautiful! Andrew had soccer in the morning, Abbigail had soccer in the afternoon. We were out there from 10:30 to 2:00...with a 20 minute break to run home and refill our water bottles. I was a good mom and sun screened the kids...not so much myself. My arms are rather striped. I did put some sun screen on my knees (sitting in a chair and all...LOL!) but my calves and the tops of my feet (flip-flops!) are RED! OUCH!
After the soccer games we went to the city to go shopping. The preschool I will be working at this fall had a dinner today after church to thank the retiring director and introduce me as the new director. It was a dinner to raise money for the financial assistance program. We are committed to making sure that preschool doesn't become an elitist thing here in town. We want EVERY child to be able to attend. We always offer financial assistance to families that need it. Anyway...I wanted a new dress for the occasion. I've gotten new clothes, but not a dress since Bethany was born. I fell in love with three. One was a red/white floral pattern type thing that was a sun dress with a "twirly skirt"...I loved that dress, but with my red/white stripey arms right now I decided that it wasn't the one for me...right NOW. I ended up with a green, white, black geometric pattern skirt that has a green jacket top. I also got a black tank to wear under the jacket. I do love this one, too. However, with Hubby's prompting...I've decided that if I continue to loose weight, I will go get that dress in 20 pounds! (BTW...I have made it back to my treadmill...will continue and update my mileage total soon).
The dinner was a HUGE success...lots more people than we had planned on, we even ran out of food. Oops.
I spent the afternoon sewing two baby slings. One for a friend whose nephew just became a daddy, and the other one for Nate and Tricia. Tricia is doing great and Gwyneth just continues to grow and grow. I want to get this sling to them so they can start snuggling with her now...get themselves and her used to the sling. So I need to get that one finished off tomorrow.

I still have not gotten the pictures off my camera from the past few weeks...I know, BAD BLOGGING MOMMA! Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow...I'll try.

Sleep well my friends-


Elizabeth said...

You'll have to get a picture in your new dress (I know you cringe at the thought, but we'd love to see you in it) :)

Also, have you thought of posting your slings on Ebay or Etsy? You do such an amazing job and I'm sure you would sell alot of them!

Anonymous said...

Andie - It sounds like the pre-school lunch was a wonderful success and I hope you felt welcomed as the new Director. Have you got everything ironed out with the state yet. I also can't wait to see you new dress. I bet you looked nice.
The weekend was beautiful here too - but guess what - I too came down with the cough, flu, fever thing. So - I have even taken naps for the last three days. But I believe it is beginning to break up. Although my heart didn't feel like it was going to burst - I felt like my chest might rip wide open when I did cough. A friend recommend Mucinex because I have such a tough time getting stuff up. And I believe it is helping. I know they used it for my Dad when ever they were concerned about his pneumonia coming back. It is non-prescription, but I don't know if there is a pediatric one or not.
Bye for now - Love Mom