Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in review...Saturday Sports

Saturday was a big day for two of my kiddos. It was Abbigail's last basketball game for this season, and it was Andrew's last wrestling tournament for the year. Andrew and daddy got up SUPER early on Saturday so they could be at the wrestling tournament (1 1/2 hours away) by 6:30AM(!!!!)...weigh in time.'s just say I was very thankful Abbie had a basketball game at 10:00 and we had to stay home. ;O)

Abbigail's basket ball abilities have grown throughout the season. She has enjoyed it very much. Abbie played hard at her basketball game. (She's the little one in the middle without her arms up) So did Bethany! One of Abbie's best friends, H1, has a little sister, H2...and Bethany and H2 are also best buddies. H1 was on Abbie's basketball team, so H2 & Bethany had ample opportunity to play and be silly.
After the basketball game, we headed off to catch the last half of the wrestling tournament. We missed the first match...Andrew was pinned in this match. His second match, he pinned the other guy in no time at all! The third match was the most difficult. Andrew kept fighting just as hard as he could! Every time the other little boy tried to roll Andrew onto his back, he would spread his legs WIDE so that he couldn't be turned! He was amazing! The other boy was a bit stronger, an had wrestled for a few years....but he never did get Andrew pinned. Andrew lost by points. However...among his bracket, Andrew got 2nd! The boy who pinned him in the first match won 1st, and the boy who beat him in the last round got 3rd! I am just so thrilled and proud of him that he never gave up! He kept fighting with all he had! He was upset that he lost the last match, very disappointed, but we kept telling him how great he did and how proud we were of him. Now he can't wait till next year! In this picture he's watching the boys wrestling before him...Abbie didn't catch any "action" shots this time. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to post videos...then you'll really get to see him in action!

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