Monday, March 31, 2008

Update on Tricia...

Unfortunately, the lungs didn't match, so last night ended up being a "dry run." Hopefully the lungs and the rest of the organs were a match to someone out there and have helped them to start a new life. I continue to pray for the donor's family, that they would find peace and comfort. I also pray for Tricia and Nate...what a totally emotionally exhausting night. The hopes were all so high...and then to have them not match. I pray that the right lungs are found, soon...and that God will comfort the family of that donor. I pray that Tricia and Nate continue to be strong, both mentally and physically. I pray that they continue to be brave, and such a wonderful example of faith in the face of a crisis. I pray that little Gwyneth continues to do well, and starts growing even bigger and stronger!
I found some fabric yesterday that I'm going to use to make them a sling. Slings are so wonderful for preemies who thrive on the close cuddling provided by the sling...she might just be a bit too small to sling right now, but soon she will be perfect sized for "slinging!" I made sure that the fabric isn't too "girly" so that Nate will feel comfortable slinging little Gwyneth...I can't wait to see pictures of them using it!
Thanks, everyone, for your continued prayers for this incredible family.