Thursday, March 27, 2008

More lake new favorite!

I told you I had some cool pics from the lake from the other night. First of all, the picture of Warren and his first fish of the year. It may look small, but for a croppy, it's pretty good sized (that's what he says anyway! ;o))
The kids weren't too into fishing this night, instead Bethany started collecting rocks. Abbigail and Andrew soon joined her. This is the "rocket" they made out of their rocks.I got a crazy idea to take their picture as they looked out at the water, I think it turned out pretty cool. I took a bunch of pictures, some into the sun, and others at an angle. Which do you like better? Now, if anyone knows how to change the header on these blog things to include a me out! :o)
Besides collecting rocks, the kids also had a good time just climbing around on the rocks. No snakes came out to greet them like they did last that was good times! Out of my three children, which do you think ran off SCREAMING..."SNAKE, SNAKE!!" Yep, Andrew. The girls just stood there, and backed away slowly. Not Andrew...I think they could here him screaming all the way back in town. Good thing they were just little baby garder snakes.
I am so glad we do this as a family...this is what memories are made of!


Anonymous said...

Breathtaking photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a beautiful family!

Rebecca said...

My favorite is the one with the sunglare! That one is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could help with the picture at the top of the page-but I am a computer dork.

Do you have the new blogger version? There is pretty easy ways to add pictures to sidebars by clicking on 'Add page element'. Maybe you can add it that way?!? Not quite sure though, because my Renaissance blog ISN'T the new version...

Noelle said...

I love the sunglare in the black and white that you've used in your header! AWESOME shot! Isn't it fun when you take pictures and then all the sudden realize what a treasure you might have??? :)