Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long awaited Lake Pictures!

I've been promising pictures from the lake for quite a I'm delivering! Gotta love this new laptop that I can bring in the living room and post while still supervising the kiddos.
First we have pics of the lake...such a beautiful setting. Can you believe this is in the middle of Kansas? It's so amazing to drive the 10 miles, it goes from flat farm land, and as you go around a curve in the road, suddenly it becomes very hilly and rocky...just down t
he road is this beautiful lake. Yes, it is a man-made lake with a damn, but still! This is the day Andrew lost his pole. He was feeling a bit 'down' after the incident! He cuddled up in our blanket until supper was ready. We enjoyed a yummy dinner, then SMORES! No, Bethany doesn't usually wear make-up, this was the same day as her dance pictures! :o)
We went to the lake again last night , but went to the other side...different perspective! Hubby caught a fish in the first 5 minutes, but nothing else for the rest of the evening. We gave it to another couple there fishing because hubby doesn't think it's worth it to clean just one fish, not enough to eat anyway! I got some awesome pics last night, can't wait to get them loaded!! So, I guess you'll have to wait for more pictures, but haven't you had enough for one day??? ;o)


Rebecca said...

What a fun excursion! Nothing is greater than sitting upon a quilt in the sunshine. Nothing at all!

Loni said...

I loved seeing all your pictures today. Sadly, I forgot my camera when we went to Uncle Terry's house, so no family pics from me!
I'm glad you have had such a busy but fun time lately.

Anonymous said...

I took my camera home but I forgot the battery was charging in out 5th wheel in Junction City, ks so I got no pics and I don't think I saw a camera there (or maybe it was ignoring me). We did have a great time.(you and Michelle's were missed) aunt marilyn

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all the pics :) I loved ALL of them, the dance recital, Easter, and especially the lake! We are outdoor kind of people and live on picnics and grilling when the weather is warm, enjoying parks both local and not so local often..Your pictures reminded me that it won't be too long before we can have our first picnic of the year :)