Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dance pictures

My girls are both in dance class...recital is coming up in two weeks! They each had their class pictures taken a few weeks ago. These are my pics, not the professional ones....hers are MUCH better! Can't wait to see the real ones. Bethany is the short bee in the front row, what a little poser! Abbie is the short one in the pink.


Rebecca said...

Are they the shortest or just the youngest? I bet they did great!

Andie said...

Bethany is the same age as the other girls in her class, they are all 3-4 years old. Abbigail's dance class is 2nd & 3rd graders...she's one of the youngest 2nd graders. They are both my daughters...I'm short, and they caught that sickness from me! My mom always said she was 5'2"...she lied! ;o) I'm now 5'2" (on a good day) and I'm taller than her....anyway, does that answer your question Reecca? Their recital isn't until April 6...they will be so cute!!!