Friday, February 15, 2008

We made it!

I woke up Friday morning to a barking sound. Andrew now has the cough that everyoen in town seems to have contracted. I was thinking we should just stay home so that we wouldn't expose dad and mom to anything. I called and talked to them, and wanted to cry...I missed them SO much! After another round of robitussen and a breathing treatment, I thought he was doing much better, so we packed up and headed out. Since we've arrived, we had a yummy dinner and enjoyed spending time with not only my parents but an aunt, cousin, and second-cousin who drove down from Kansas City to visit with my parents. Andrew's cough is worse. I think his lungs are just too sensitive to be in my parents house which has different allergens than he is used to. I'm truly considering just packing up in the morning and heading back home. I guess I'll see how he does through the rest of the night, I think he's finally resting. I just remembered someone (VICKI) suggesting that if you put vicks on the bottom of the feet, it works wonders...hmmm, I wonder if mom has any vicks??? Maybe we'll have to give that one a try!

Anyway, thanks for your prayers, love you guys!


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