Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!! Wow, is it Thursday already? Where did the week go? Did I forget to breath in there somewhere? What have I been doing all week, since I OBVIOUSLY haven't been updating my blog...
Well, there has been much running the kids around. Between Bethany's dance class, Abbigail's girl scouts, 4-H prep for county days, Abbie's dance class and basketball practice, Andrew's wrestling practices, and has been crazy. Warren has decided that our next mini-van will be bright yellow with checkerboard trim. Sounds about right.
There is no school tomorrow, so the kids and I will be heading out in the morning to make a visit with my family in Wichita. My dad has been out of the hospital for 2 weeks, and we really want to see how they are doing, and give and receive a hug or two...thousand! Unfortunately we will not be able to see my brother, sis-in-law, and nieces because they are heading our way, and then some to the mountains for a ski-boarding trip.
On Tuesday I had another meeting with a board memeber from the preschool I might be working with next year. I feel much more at peace and confident after that meeting. Many of my fears and concerns were understood and taken into advisement. Somethings that were worded incorrectly, are being corrected. I have an official interview on Tuesday, but I don't think there are any other applicants, so I'm guessing it will go well.
Abbigai's teacher, Mrs. Wonderful, is in Texas receiving her first treatments for her type of cancer. She is such an incredible witness of faith! She has set up a caring-bridge site to keep everyone informed about her condition. She quotes scripture, hymns, and prayers almost daily, in addition to reporting her doctors' findings. I am sad to say I don't hold much hope for her returning to the classroom this school year. The medication she will be taking to beat the cancer will supress her immune system. An elementary school is not the best place for a person with a compromised immune system! I don't know this for a fact, just rumors around town. I'm sorry to say I am very disappointed in how our school is handeling the situation. Abbigail has been extreemly emotional and upset this week. We talk about it whenever she wants to here at home. However, NOONE has talked to the class about the entire situation this week. No mention of where Mrs. Wonderful has gone. No mention of what is happening. No counselor going in and talking/listening to the kids. NOTHING! I even contacted the American Cancer Society about one of their books on their website that I thought would be great for these kids...they offered to send it to me free...enough for the entire class. However, the powers that be at the school said that they have their own resources and do not need additional resources. I asked if we could just send these books home with the kids and let their parents decide if they want them looking at them, and was told "No." Not much more explination than that. This just frustrates me and disapoints me. This is a very emotional issue that needs dealing with...math, reading, etc. can wait. I don't know about the rest of the children, but my daughter can't be learning much right now, anyway. She can't concentrate. She's not eating much. She cries herself to sleep...or at least cries before she goes to bed. How can she consentrate when she's terrified that her wonderful teacher is going to die. We talk about Mrs. Wonderful's faith, that if she does die she will be in heaven waiting to give Abbigail another hug. But, we also talk about the fact that she is in the best place for the best treatment right now. That God brought her to these specific doctors to help her body fight this disease. I cannot promise my daughter that everything will be fine. I cannot promise her that Mrs. Wonderful will be back in her classroom next week, or ever. All I can do is hold her and pray with her that God's will will be done, and we've also made sure that if God would like to know our opinion, we would like Mrs. Wonderful to get better really quick! :o) I pray for Mrs. Wonderful, her family, Abbigail, and all the kids in her class and school. I pray that the administration will see the need in the classroom, and do something!
(Ok, enough ranting, onto happier stuff!)
The girls and I prepared a surprise for my hubby for Valentine's day. We melted some yummy milk chocolate chips and dipped some sweet strawberries. Homemade chocolate covered strawberries. He did this a few years ago for we returned the favor. We each got to eat 2, and then left the rest for daddy...I might go snatch another! I took pictures of the kids enjoying their treats, so adorable. Chocolate as far as the tongues could reach! I will post pics when I get back from my trip.
Well, friends, if I plan on leaving in the morning, I guess I have a lot of work to accomplish before the sun rises! Packing, picking up,, I bid you all good night!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Rebecca said...

Happy valentine's Day Andie!

Have a safe and wonderful trip to see your parents, that is EXCITING! And a good reminder to Abbigail, too, that your father wasn't expected to walk again and yet-he HAS! We can expect great and marvelous things from God! Of course, her living in a perfect heaven might be included in that is very hard to be a child and to understand what you have never experienced before. She is very blessed to have you to come home to and encourage and uplift her, share the truth with her, etc. Some of the children probably don't have such support to come home to.

I am just SO sad that the American Cancer Society was willing to donate all sorts of books and the school wouldn't allow it! That is just preposterous!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day and hope you have a wonderful trip/visit with your mom and dad!