Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Picture update

I've been making posts lately, but not many pictures...so let's get caught up!

Andrew is in wrestling, and likes it very much. The thing he hates the most is the fact that when he gets home he has to shower. He doesn't like to take showers, but endures them for the love of wrestling. He is a pretty scrappy little guy. He's quick, and pretty tough. I guess all that wrestling with dad has helped! :o)
Tough guy!

Silly Boy!!

The kids and I went to the zoo a few weeks ago on a 'nice' day. We thought it would be so wonderful, but truthfully the sidewalks were either icy or muddy. The kids love to take their bikes to the zoo and ride around. It goes much quicker for us! They only SLOW down to see the animals, not stop and watch. But that's ok, we go to this zoo quite often, so they know what all the animals look like! :o) (They usually don't get this far away from me, the rule is they have to stop at the next bench and wait for momma to catch up, or at the next corner!)However, with all the ice and mud, I was constantly pushing or pulling them out of being stuck. Andrew was spinning his tires in the mud and flinging it EVERYWHERE! We were all a big mess and left after just over an hour. It was still fun, but will be much more fun once the sidewalks are properly cleared! (The pictures don't show the bad sidewalks, during those my camera was away so I could get the kids unstuck!)

I mentioned a while back that our kids just MIGHT get a gift for Epiphany. Well, they did. Andrew had misbehaved before Christmas and lost two gifts because of his behavior...He got one of them for Epiphany, a new set of Lego's. Abbie and Bethany both got a new baby sling. They love playing with their babies (and dogs as you can see in Abbigail's pictures). I made them each slings a year or so ago, but had a lady call and want 6 child slings that night...I sold theirs to her to finish the order because I was out of fabric and time! They never complained, plus they then got to pick out their own fabric. After a year, I had lots of pieces big enough for this, so they each picked their favorite fabric and I made them a sling. One of my childcare girls is having a birthday in a week and she will receive one as well...with a baby!

We have wonderful new neighbors. Well, not SOO new, they moved in during the summer. They have a son Andrew's age (also in wresting), and a daughter Bethany's age (in her preschool class and dance class). They also have twin baby girls who were born in August but premature. The babies are SOOO tiny! The four of our kids love getting together. Abbie enjoys it too, but feels a bit left out since they don't have an older daughter. Well, the weather was nice yesterday and we were outside playing and the kids came over. When it started cooling off and it was time to fix dinner we went inside. I got out the camera to see the action. Bethany and 'P' went strait for the Barbies and Andrew and "K" went for the XBox. Abbie got to work on her homework. (The girls had dance class earlier, thus the pink outfits)

I almost forgot...Abbie has a bit of a black eye! Saturday morning during our weekend of puke, she crawled in bed with daddy since mommy and Bethany were in the living room. Dad was doing something with his Zune and dropped in on Abbie, right in her eye. I heard her scream and ran in there afraid someone else was puking! No puke, just a hurt eye. It has a small bruise, and a little black around her eye. Poor thing!

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Elizabeth said...

loved all the pics, but especially of Andrew in his wrestling outfit (both pictures) :)