Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I haven't posted much...ok, at all this week. No reason...just haven't. We've had a good week...I'll post an update later. Now, it's time to start counting those blessings!

  1. My Father's health continues to improve. They are still watching the infection in his spine, and he is again receiving the high powered antibiotics. His movement continues to improve and he does new things daily. This week they have started him on a "tilt-board" so his legs can feel what weight being put on them feels like again. Apparently he got up to a 50 degree angle today for about 20 minutes. This is going to be a very long road to recovery...continued prayers are appreciated. This will be a long road, but he has already come so far! A month ago he couldn't even wiggle his toes, praise God for what he can do now!!!
  2. My husband. He is such a wonderful provider, takes such good care of our family and home. I love him so much!!
  3. My children...each one is special and unique. I love each of them! The girls started/are starting dance this week...such fun! Andrew had an eye doctor appt. yesterday. He's been blinking his eyes really weird and I just wanted to check it out. The eye doctor said he sees fine, he thinks the problem is that Andrew has such beautiful, long eyelashes that they touch in the corners and make his eyes blink from reflex...nothing to worry about, he will grow out of it...boy would I love those eyelashes!!!
  4. Friends...some friends who used to live here in town visited this weekend and we were able to eat lunch with them Sunday afternoon. Such wonderful friends (even though they are old enough to be our parents...surrogate grandparents for our kiddos). We miss them dearly and it was good to spend some time with them. Another friend had a death in her family this week, and has been gone to be with her family. I have missed her so much!
  5. Conferences! Hubby has a church worker's conference this weekend...and the kiddos and I get to tag along. A change of scenery, a stay in a hotel (no cleaning or cooking!!!!) I went to these conferences back before our kids were born when I served as a teacher, so a lot of my old teaching buddies are there...I get to see them and feel a bit more "brainy" than "just a mom"....ok, that doesn't sound the best, but you know what I mean! :o) Being a mom is the hardest and most wonderful job I have ever had, but sometimes my brain feels like it's beginning to turn to mush, so it's good to see old friends who knew me before my brain mushed, and remember that I have many talents and abilities!
  6. God. I'm so thankful that God forgives me each and every time I mess up. He gives me the free gift of forgiveness, there is nothing I could ever do to deserve all He has given me. Thank You, God!!!
  7. I'm thankful for blogging buddies. I first started reading adoption blogs, and have branched into blogs on many topics. One blog that I really enjoy, and have become friends with is adopting a baby from China! Terri has had a very bad couple of weeks, and has so much to do to get ready for her trip towards the end of this month. I'm excited for her!

What are you thankful for this week? Go on over to Iris' to join in the fun, or check out what other's are thankful for!


Denise said...

Praise God that your father continues to do well, praying for you.

lori said...

It's wonderful to read others' lists and be reminded ourselves!! Your list was great!

Unashamed said...

Oh, I know what you mean about conferences! There's a couple of folks around the district that I only see a couple of times a year, usually at the Sunday School teachers conference or evangelism conference. When I was serving on the East District Department for Outreach I got to meet lots of different people from all over the district (which is from Ontario all the way over to the Atlantic provinces). I really enjoy that about district/synod. LCC is a small synod so you get to know lots of people in the larger church.

Priscilla said...

Enjoyed your Thakful Thursday post! You have much to be thankful for. I know you are worried about your father - I hope he will be well soon!

Rebecca said...

Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today-it was a pleasant surprise to see a visitor!

I have an Andrew too-and my little girl has the same dress as your girls in the profile photo. Methinks we have similar taste! ;-)

You are interested in adoption, eh? Me too. I only wish I could afford it. I am still working on that. It has been laid upon my heart to adopt from Africa-and yet-that possibility seems so very far off given our financial situation. I wish I knew how others did it...

Rebecca said...

There ARE?!?!

I don't mean to hog up your blog with comments about myself-but I wasn't sure that you would check back to read a comment I had left for you (I never do...)

I had NO idea about a tax credit! And NO idea about GRANTS! Could you maybe point me to a place I could find out more about them? My hubby is not worried about the 'day afters'-the cost of having them around...he has just said that there is NO way we can afford to bring them home! We don't have much in savings (yet) and we don't own a house so that is on our 'to buy' list. What is going FOR us, however, is that we have no debt either. Basically, until you wrote me that last comment, I thought we had to wrack up $30,000 dollars in cash. Have you ever heard of the Above Rubies magazine? It is written by Nancy Campbell and her daughters-each of whom has adopted SEVERAL children-sometimes at ONCE! I wrote her a letter, asking her to direct me in the financial she did it and if their were organizations out there to help-but that was several months ago and she neer did write me back. :-(

Anyway. THANK YOU THANK YOU. MY heart soars today just at the possibility of sharing news like that with my Matt! I would love it if you could share any other information you know about!

PS. I HIGHLY doubt I am more organized than you-or more productive. Most days I feel just as you. My to-do list is ever growing and tremendously long, I wish there were more hours in the day...

Heather Cox said...

So thankful for God's forgiveness too - and glad to hear about your dad's recovery. Blessings.