Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ticklefest...and funny kids!

Tonight after supper, I think Andrew had eaten TOO much of my yummy food! He had a tummy ache, so he went to lay down. I crawled up on his bed to see if he was ok. While I was laying with him, Abbie joined us and decided to trace the lines on the back of my thighs left from the dining room chair...BOY HOWDY DID IT TICKLE!!! That began a ticklefest that lasted about 30 minutes. No tears, no crying, no screaming (ok, a bit of screaming, but it was good screaming)...just tons of giggling and laughing! All three of the kiddos and I were there having a good time. THIS IS WHAT MEMORIES ARE MADE OF!!! I cherish these moments with my kids. No one hurrying to get ready to go somewhere. No one fighting over who's turn is next. No one crying that so and so took their toy. Thank You, God for this time of laughter and fun to remind me what a joy my children are!!!
A few funny stories about my children...

Last night the kiddos had showers before bedtime. I got the girls all finished up and in their room for jammies. Andrew was using the restroom so he could get into the shower. The girls and I heard from the bathroom "OH MAN, THAT STINKS!!" Why are men (of all ages) fascinated with this? The girls and I about fell over laughing so hard! He IS his father's son!

Abbigail has an aversion to Lasagna. She had the beginnings of the stomach flu once when we ate it, and she threw up all over (we were at a fund raising dinner here in town, big mess...very embarrassing!) Since then she always says that lasagna makes her puke. This is very hard for me because lasagna could very well be the most wonderful food on the face of the earth...besides chocolate, but that is a universal understanding (BTW...did anyone else want one of those phones just because it was called "chocolate"?? I sure did!! But it's probably best I didn't get one, I would have probably ate it during a PMS craving!). I have a great recipe for a yummy dish called Mexican lasagna (layers of tortillas, meat, cheese, picante sauce, etc), and we have to change the name or this girl won't even try it! I also have a great recipe for "lasagna casserole" or "Italian pasta" as we called it tonight. Instead of lasagna noodles layered with all the good stuff, it's just pasta shells mixed with the cheese stuff, and then hamburger (I like to use sausage and pepperoni instead) and then sauce and cheese. All the ingredients of lasagna, just different shaped noodles. As long as I don't call it lasagna, she'll eat it. Even said it was pretty good. Andrew (I said he ate too much earlier) had 4 helpings and asked for another, but I had to cut him off!

OK...a funny story about me...I guess I can't just rat on everyone else. While I was cooking my yummy pasta supper, I tried to check and see if the shells were done boiling. I took one out of the water with a wooden spoon and blew on it (didn't want to burn my lips!). Well, apparently I blew a little too hard, or had the spoon leaning a little too far. The shell dropped...and landed DOWN MY SHIRT! You think having ice dropped down the back of your shirt is bad...try having a boiling hot noodle dropped down the FRONT of your shirt, and getting caught on certain articles of clothing, and thus it stayed pressed on my skin (a very delicate part of my skin I might add!) OUCH!!! Try explaining that one! (No pictures for this, sorry, it's not that kind of blog!!)


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello...just wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by my blog!!
So funny to read your post about the lasagna because tonight i tried a new one called...ready for this..MEXICAN Lasagna!! Yes..same one you talked about...How funny is that!!
I can only imagine what that burning pasta shell felt like OUCH!!
Do come back again.

Unashamed said...

Oh Andie, so funny!!! I laughed so hard I cried!

I see I have quite a few posts to catch up on...I've been out of touch for over a week now. Just quickly skimmed through what I missed and I see your dad is making progress - Praise God!!


Steffie B. said...

ROTFLMBO! So sorry about your pain but that was hilarious....sounds like something that would happen to me! ;0