Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Silly sunshine!

My Bethany...what a silly girl. What would I do without my little girl to make me smile? She is so darn cute!!!

This morning she was bouncing around the patio saying "Get me up! Get me up! YeHaw! I'm a girl cowboy! I'm bouncing by my lone!"

Translation...'Geddeup! YeHaw! I'm a cowgirl! I'm bouncing all by myself!"

Now she's out there singing "Row, Row, down your boat, just down the street. Merry Merry, like is got a dream." How can you hear that and not smile???? Even on my most tiresome, stressful day, my girl can make me grin. "Can I nuggle with you?" Is one of her favorite questions...of course I'll snuggle with you! She also loves to "swing"...actually ride in the sling, and how can I say no to that!???!!

Oh my Bethany...or "Betany Joy Pockno" as she calls herself! I love you so much!! You are growing up so fast. My last'll always be my baby, no matter how big you get! I'm so proud of the big girl you are becoming. I love to see your caring heart. I love to listen to you playing, all the conversations you have with any object or person. You are just so adorable! I thank God for sending you to us. You were the answer to many prayers...some we didn't even know to pray. I love you so much...thank you for helping me to smile. Forgive me when I don't make time for 'nuggles.
This last picture is of Bethany helping with the dishes. Monday night is her night to help with the dishes. Of course the first dish she picked up was a cup, full of water and she dumped it right on her we stripped down and she continued to do the dishes. Thanks for the 'help' babe!

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Elizabeth said...

She is a sweetie pie! She looks like she could brighten any day! :)