Friday, August 10, 2007


Yup, you read right, 2000 readers!!! I'm so excited!! Thanks to EVERYONE who has stopped by to read a bit of my ramblings these past few months! Here's to many more!!!


Unashamed said...

Wow! Kind of mind boggling, isn't it? I don't have a counter. I'm not very curious about how many hits I get. I tend to think that the same dozen or so folks are visiting me each day, but then somebody new will pop their head in and say "I've been reading your blog for a while" and I am always greatly surprised. I also wonder how they find their way over. Just browsing, I suppose.

Just wondering - does your hubby blog too? I see that lots of LCMS pastors blog (though I often wonder where they find the time!)

Thanks for you kind comments today on my little baptism rant. I feel a bit embarrassed about it now. I should not have gossiped about my nephew like that. As Luther reminds us in the explanation to the 8th commandment, I should have put the "best construction" on it.

Yes, I am a catechism-oholic. Can you tell? Seriously, my husband and I are committed to the concept of life-long catechesis. What you learn in confirmation class just scratches the surface, you can spend your whole life deep in the Word and still not plumb all its depths. My husband did not grow up Lutheran and when he was introduced to the Small Catechism he was thrilled and amazed by it. He wondered why all churches didn't have something similar.

Huh. Have I babbled on long enough today? Perhaps I should go and do something productive!

Take care!

tessa said...

Congratulations to you! Makes it all worthwhile, huh? Hope it keeps growing!

Elizabeth said...

CONGRATS!!! That IS alot of readers :)