Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UPDATE!!! Wednesday 9:30 am

Well, the fire is out. The fumes are disipating. The town is supposed to open up again (at least most of the town) this morning.
Dad was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon after deciding that his back pain was entirely muscle related, not spine. They gave him megga doses of pain meds, and he felt much better. Mom and dad stayed in a hotel last night...just in case the winds shifted and they would have to evacuate. They didn't think they should deal with anything else...they had enough to deal with. I'm assuming they will be going home later today. My cousin and her family were staying in the same hotel.
Thank you all for your prayers. I'm so thankful to know that they are safe and doing ok. Mom and Dad have decided that they should not travel to Florida next week for the National Youth Gathering...they haven't missed one as long as I can remember. This will be hard for them! But (don't tell them! :o)) I'm glad! Hubby is going with our youth group...and now I have someone to go visit! :o)


Unashamed said...

Whoops, I lost my comment somehow...if this shows up twice, it's 'cause I'm dippy...

Thanks be to God your folks are ok. That had to have been stressful for you. Those poor people living in the town with the fire. Was anybody hurt?

Andie said...

Only about 12 people were taken to the hospital for smoke injuries from the explosion! Amazing, but true. Thank God!!!