Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Isn't this puppy cute??? He's the newest "thing" from Rocks in My Dryer (you know, the Works for me Wednesday place!) She's organizing all her bloggy buddies into doing a big giveaway. The give aways start on Monday, July 23...and the drawings are on Friday, July 27. I've been thinking about doing a giveaway here on my blog to see if more people would leave comments...so here I go with my first giveaway! I plan to give away either a baby sling that I have made, or a shopping cart cover that I made. I make both to sell...but would be happy to give one away. So...which do you think I should give? Leave a comment and tell me which one you think should be "my giveaway prize!" Then, don't forget to come back on Monday to register for the giveaway!

(Still waiting for word on Dad...just reading the blogs to keep my mind busy!)

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ronvic7 said...

Those shopping cart covers are the coolest!! I say that!
Our prayers are with you parents and their town- sorry to hear of the bad news.
Vickie & Kat