Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, I finally did it. I finally cut my hair. I haven't had my hair cut in at least 2 1/2 years. I'm working up to a shorter layered look, but couldn't bring myself to do it in one fail swoop. So, this is what I started the day out with:

And this is what I have now:

Do you think Hubby will notice?
By the way, talking about hubby...he left me. Ok, don't get all freaked out now! He left this morning to take 5 high school kids from church to Florida for the National Youth Gathering! Just imagine 25,000 youth from all around the world praising God! Awesome! I went to two of these gatherings when I was in HS, and to one as an adult leader. When I went as adult leader, Abbie was 14 months old, and I was 6 months pregnant with Andrew. New Orleans, August, 6 months pregnant...NOT FUN! Other than the heat and the exhaustion, it was a GREAT time! Hopefully next time (in 3 years) I can go with Warren and a youth group. So...if you wouldn't mind, please add all these teens (and their adult leaders...especially one very special pastor dude) to your prayers!I couldn't leave out this adorable pic. Bethany being goofy as they were getting ready to leave! All the kids (and I) will miss him SO much! Andrew is taking it the hardest. So, prayers for us are also appreciated!


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Just stopping by for my first visit:) Your little ones are adorable. Wow that was a BIG change in hair length:) Looks pretty on you.

Praying that the Lord blesses and protects everyone on the trip and blesses you and your little ones at home.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! You did get your hair cut! It looks so stylish now though, you look so pretty!
I haven't truly "cut" my hair since high school. I get it trimmed a little about 4 times a year, but all growing up till I was in high school my mom always cut my hair short because it was easier. I was a chubby teen and short hair wasn't flattering! I am a chubby adult and short hair still isn't flattering on me!
I hope you and the kids "make it" whilst hubby is away, have fun too :)