Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where have we been????

It seems like forever since I've posted...even though it's only been two days. Thursday after I posted about Thankful Thursday, the kids and I rode along with hubby on a few hospital visits, just to keep him company and get out of the house. One was in Meade, Kansas. After he visited the woman, we went to the "Dalton Gang Hideout" It was pretty neat. Apparently the sister of the Dalton boys lived there. Her home was up on a hill, on the south end of town. Just past the house was a ravine, going down to a creek. Their barn was down the ravine. A tunnel was built from the barn to the house. The Dalton gang could arrive from the south and no one in town could see them. Pretty cool, huh?? We got to walk through the tunnel up to the house which is now a museum. They also have a mock up of an old west town...just the building fronts. There was a jail and an undertaker (complete with an old time coffin...we all posed!)
And where are the pictures you may ask...I don't have any!!!! Last weekend, the youth group did a big fund raiser, and hubby took the was accidentally taken home by another family, so I haven't had it for a week!!! I'm going crazy! I think I'm addicted to taking pics of my kids. There have been so many times this week that I've said "Where's the camera? That's a GREAT picture!" For example...Bethany had an accident, and I told her to go put on some clean clothes...but she only got about 1/2 way there and was distracted. She got completely naked, and then decided to listen to her sister's headphones. She was sitting in the patio (naked!) with headphones on her head, just bopping away!!! WHERE WAS MY CAMERA??? I am hoping that the woman who accidentally took our camera home will remember to bring it to me tomorrow! I NEED MY CAMERA!!!
Today has felt strange. Abbigail went on a trip with her girl scout troop, and has been gone! She left town at 7:00 this morning, and will return around 9 or 10 tonight. I'm sure she'll sleep like a log! They went to Hutchinson, the Cosmosphere. It is a cool space museum. I haven't been there in years, but I remember it being really neat. They were going to go to an IMAX movie, too. I told the leaders that if they needed another adult, I'd be happy to go, but they had it covered... :-(. I miss my baby!
Tomorrow is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day, Honey! I am so thankful that my children have such a fun daddy! He likes to take them fishing, swimming, and wrestle with them. He is doing a great job of helping them to learn the important things in life! Thanks honey, for loving our children, and being such a great dad! I love you more and more each day. Seeing you having fun and loving our children makes my heart sing!
Also...Happy Father's Day, Dad! I am so thankful that you are my daddy! I love you, so much! Thanks for always being there for me. Thank you for your's never to late to become what you were always meant to be!!! My dad is amazing! He decided about 6 years ago, that building houses is not what he was put on earth to do! He is going back to school to become a pastor!!!!! We joke that maybe he'll be ordained a day or two before he retires, but I know he will do it! Keep up the good work, Dad...I'm SO proud of you!!
January was one of the most stressful and scary months of my life. Dad was in the hospital with a terrible infection in his leg. I thought we were going to loose him a few times. We later found out that the mortality rate for his kind of infection is about 33%! I'm so thankful that he beat the odds! Also in January, we lost my Grandpa. Mom, I know tomorrow will be difficult on you...your first Father's Day without your dad. I wish I could be there to give you a hug! I love you!
Of course, I can't forget my Heavenly Father on Father's Day. Thank you Father, for loving me and sending your Son to die for me, so I can come to live with you someday. Thank you for forgiving me when I fail. Thank you for being the perfect example of a loving father for us to follow.
I hope everyone in Bloggyville is having a great weekend, and Happy Father's Day!


Shawnee John said...

Nice Blog.

Steffie B. said...

Sitting on the porch naked.....i can't believe you didn't have your camera. Not that you could have posted pics.....well maybe if they were the right angles....but hilarious! And how cool about your Dad.

Thanks for your kinds words about David and Emmie. Hoping they are just about to Germany and that I hear something later today.