Friday, June 22, 2007

Homemade Cherry Limeades

The other day I participated in "Works for me Wednesday." If you go to Rocks in my Dryer, you'll get tons of great, tried and true, advice. Here is my favorite! A recipe for homemade cherry limeades! It's so easy!!! Why didn't I do this years ago??? Now I can enjoy one anytime! YIPPEE!!!

Thanks Proverbs 31 woman for sharing!

To one glass of ice, add two lime quarters (squeezed), 3 or four maraschino cherries, two teaspoons of the maraschino syrup, and fill with Sprite (or Diet Sprite) -YUM!!

We had them with our supper last night, all the kids wanted Warren and my maraschino cherries! They were great!!

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eph2810 said...

Oh - that does sound yummy - thank you for sharing :)