Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Me again...like I said in my last post, I was tagged. So, Vicky, here are 7 things about me. (Didn't I tell 7 things in my last post!!?? :-))

1. I LOVE chocolate.

2. I really enjoy my coffee...as long as it is flavored with either chocolate (see above!) or french vanilla creamer (the sugar-free stuff from Wal-Mart)

3. I'm serving as soccer coach for my children's soccer team. I agreed to help another parent who was the coach, but wouldn't be able to make it to a game or two...the last game is this Saturday and he's been at 1! Ok...I don't know anything about soccer!!!!

4. I live about 2 hours from Greensburg, KS...the town that was destroyed in a tornado on Friday. Scary!!

5. I love being a SAHM, but I really miss teaching. Hopefully in three years when Bethany is in 1st grade, I will be able to teach preschool again...no more jr. high please!

6. I love my husband! He drives me nuts some times, but I wouldn't trade him for the world.

7. I have a heart for adoption. During the almost 3 year struggle with infertility, my husband and I began researching the adoption option. When we were finally making some decisions in that direction, God blessed us with Abbigail. Now that Bethany is almost 3, and I don't think my body can handle any more pregnancies...I'm again thinking adoption. My husband's heart is not there at this point. So...I pray and dream. If God someday changes his heart, I will be thrilled. But for now I am just so thankful for the three blessings that God has given to us!

OK...I'm supposed to tag 7 more, but honestly I don't know 7 other bloggers! I have only commented on a few, but have read many. Anyone interested?



ronvic7 said...

We are very alike but you can have ALL the coffee :)

Andie said...

Hey Vickie-I'll drink the coffee, but I'll let you smell it!!!! :-)