Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hi, it's ME!

Well, after reading other's blogs for months, I got tagged, so I decided it was time to start one of my own. I have thought for a long time about starting a blog, but truly don't think my life would be interesting to others. I am blessed, but not very exciting! So...I decided to start this blog to keep a journal of my children and their growing up years (I never was very good at the baby book thing...and my scrapbook is about 6 years behind...maybe I'll keep this going!)

So...let me introduce myself! I am first and foremost a child of God. I thank God for all the blessings in my life...most importantly, forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. I am the wife of a wonderful man (most of the time ;-)). My husband is the pastor at our church, and a wonderful father to our three blessings. We have been married almost 11 years, and have only been together for not quite 12...quick dating & engagement, but what are you going to do when love gets a hold of you?? I'll tell you the whole story sometime. We were married the day after he graduated from college, and 6 days before he started seminary. Those were some crazy years!

After struggling with infertility for a few years, we were blessed with our first daughter, Abbigail Grace. She is a joy! She is about to finish her 1st grade year. She loves school. She is reading at more than a 4th grade level. I know we're in for trouble in a few years...she's too smart for us!

Andrew Martin came along 17 months after his sister, our surprise blessing. He is all boy and a joy to me. He is so excited about going to kindergarten next year! He has been going to a Christian pre-school this year and has enjoyed it so much! He says he doesn't want to leave his teacher, he wants her to go to Kind. with him.

When Andrew was 12 months old, my hubby decided that maybe one more might be fun, so we began "trying" again. After 8 months, we tried one round of clomid, and we were blessed with Bethany Joy. She will be 3 on Monday, where has the time gone???? She's in the trenches of potty-training, but is having more good days than bad (finally!). She's also really looking forward to going to preschool next year.

While my husband attended the seminary, I was able to help pay the bills by doing what I love...TEACH! I love teaching! I taught preschool for 3 of the years, and junior high for one year. During that jr. high year, I realized how much more I am suited for the little ones! We have been so blessed...since our children have been born, I have been able to be a full-time mom. I was my husband's secretary for a few years, but our children were able to go to work with us. Now, I'm a SAHM, though I have a few extra most days. I am able to stay home with ours, but to help with the bills, I also watch a few others.

Well, this is a bit about my life...I hope I didn't bore you to tears!



ronvic7 said...

Cool, you are very fast:)
Your kiddos are just beautiful!

Andie said...

Wow...I have a reader!!!! :-)
Thanks Vicky!