Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Day! Forgiveness!

Thank you all for your prayers. Andrew and I have had a MUCH better day today. He thought about loosing his temper a few times, but when he would look at me, I would just cock my eyebrow at him and he would settle down. Thank You God!
Andrew graduated from preschool this morning. I have never been to a preschool graduation before, it was ADORABLE!!! The kids all wore their Sunday best, and had cardboard graduation hats. They walked in to "Pomp and Circumstance" and received their diplomas with a handshake. Then of course they all used them for spy scopes! It was PRECIOUS! After the ceremony they recessed to a song, and then waited for us in their classroom. They were all playing "Star Wars" and their diplomas were their light sabers! Cute. I took pictures of Andrew and his teachers. He has thoroughly loved preschool this year. While he's looking forward to kindergarten next year, he wants to take his teachers with him.

After the graduation, we went to the football field where Abbigail and the rest of the first and second graders were having their field day. Hula-hooping, sack races, tag, parachute play, obstacle course...lots of fun! Unfortunately we missed half of it. I had a chance to talk to Abbigail's teacher for a bit. She has been such a blessing to Abbigail this year (and thus, to our entire family!). Abbie is a great reader, at the end of her first grade year, she is already reading at almost a 5th grade level. Her teacher is suggesting that next year she be given some extra help in the gifted program, so we'll see what happens with that. Abbie is so interested, in EVERYTHING! I'm going to have my hands full keeping her busy this summer. I plan on having her read, A LOT! We picked out some great books to get her started this evening.

After school, we went to the library so Andrew could apologize to the librarians for his behavior yesterday. He found the story time teacher and told her he was sorry for his temper tantrum, and that he was sorry for yelling and screaming and disturbing story time for everyone else. She said "That's OK, Andrew." Andrew didn't know what to do...he's not used to being told that it's OK to be naughty. Now, I know this is a normal response by most of the people I know, but it is not the response that we give at our house. How he acted was not OK. Apologizing for it won't make it OK, but he can be forgiven. At our home when you apologize, you say "I'm sorry for...(hitting you, saying a bad word, fighting...whatever the offense happens to be)" and the response is not "That's OK." Instead, the response is "I forgive you." Anyway, he apologized, and he knows how he acted was inappropriate and unacceptable, but also forgiven. Now, on to other things! :-)
Abbigail started softball practice today. So adorable! She's about 6 inches shorter than anyone else on her team. However, she tries to make up for her size by giving it her all! She tries SOOO hard! I'll try to get some pictures next week.
We are finally getting some rain in our part of the state, so we are all thankful! I'm sure the farmers are thankful, and all of us "town-folk" are thankful we won't have to run the sprinklers tomorrow.

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