Sunday, June 28, 2009

My kids are FISH!

We are spending a lot of time at the pool already this summer!! These pics were taken the same day as the park pictures. After the park, we all went home for lunch, and then I took my kids and my friend's two oldest to the pool.
They are anxiously awaiting "break time" to be over!
When are they going to blow that whistle???
'P' and Bethany relaxing in the sun during break time.Bethany swimming UNDER water! She has always loved the water, just like her brother and sister! This year she has taught herself to put her face in the water and swim! She also taught herself to do the backstroke and float on her back! She hasn't even had swim lessons yet! She has gotten so good at swimming that she can now go down all 4 slides at the pool, by herself! She doesn't need me to catch her, just swims to the side (the water is way over her head, too!) I am super proud of all my little fish!

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Anonymous said...

I just love seeing the pictures of what the kids are up's so much better than my imagination. Thanks for sharing. Mom - Love ya