Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm leaving....

No, I'm not leaving for good. No, I'm not leaving my husband...he's coming with me! We're leaving our children! :o( We are going to Texas for the week. We are going for the Pastoral Leadership thing that Hubby was nominated for. We knew this trip was coming. We've known since December or even before. But, it's here, NOW! My parents will arrive within a few hours. Tomorrow I will take my babies to school, get on an airplane and leave. I know my children will be in good hands. I know my parents can handle it. But I am FREAKING OUT!!! My BABIES! I have never left them for more than one night. My parents love my kids, I know that. My parents will do only what is best for them, I know that as well. The sad truth is that my parents live 4 hours away and know my kids through visits, not long term contact. My parents have come to visit us here in our town, but they don't know where everything is. They don't know our friends and neighbors. They don't know the kids' routine. I wouldn't trust anyone else to keep my babies, but it is so hard!
Please keep all of us in your prayers this week. Prayer for safe travel (my parents and Hubby & I). Prayer for my parents as they are with my kiddos. Prayers for my kiddos...that their hearts will not hurt. That they will be on their best behavior. Prayers for my heart...that it doesn't break leaving my kids. I am looking forward to this time alone with my husband, but I will miss my babies!!!

PS....Andrew took his Pinewood Derby car to the district competition yesterday. He won FIRST in his age group!! SO COOL!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Congrats Andrew! :)

Have an Amazing and Refreshing Time with your husband! I'm sure your kiddos will love hangin' with Grandma and Grandpa :)