Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Funny Abbigail

Here's a funny story from today. Since Abbigail came home from school, she has been wearing her light jacket instead of her winter coat, even though it is cold. She asked me if I knew why she wasn't wearing her winter coat...um no, I don't know...why? She fell in a puddle (it rained A LOT yesterday). How did she FALL in a puddle? She was swinging over the BIG puddles under the swings, and fell off the swing into the LAKE underneath! So, when we got home, I looked, and sure enough, her new winter coat is caked in mud, and practically dripping wet! So, is it a GOOD idea to swing over lots of water? I asked her...no, but if it's only damp, she thinks it is just fine!! What a girl! Oh, and by the way, she didn't get hurt from falling...just WET!!

Here's hoping it comes clean, it's in the washer now!

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Loni said...

LOVE the sling!!! Now to learn how to use it (thanks for the instructions). We will let you know when the baby arrives!
Love you!