Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something that makes me giggle like a little girl!

Ok, I'm weird. I know this fact, and I fully admit it! As all of my faithful blog readers know (yes, Mom & Dad, I mean you! :o)) we are planning a trip to Florida. We purchased our airline tickets a month ago. Since purchasing them, the price has gone from $97 to $160 (each way!)!! By planning ahead, we have already saved $630! YEA! This makes me giggle! I'm so excited!

It has been a BUSY week this week trying to get VBS plans finalized. Our VBS doesn't begin until July 13, but we are leaving to visit family on Sunday and won't be home until just before VBS I need to get it all put together before we go. Besides VBS planning, we've had 6 ballgames, 3 story-times, 2 haircuts, and one doctor's appointment, and one 4-H photography class. I'm EXHAUSTED! I instituted MANDI TORY nap time today. Abbigail's softball game last night lasted until 10:30, by the time we got home, settled, and to bed it was almost 11:30, and she had to be at her photography class at 7:30! We were tired, so I MADE everyone lay down for a nap...including me! I should have been cleaning, but I just couldn't function, I slept for nearly 2 hours off and on...and the kids slept longer than me. This is a good thing since Abbigail has her last softball game tonight, the late one again!
This morning Andrew had his last t-ball game. That little boy amazes me! He hit a HOME RUN! The ball sailed over all the children's heads and landed out in the grass...the outfield! He was all the way around the bases before the ball was even back into the infield. WOW! But of course the camera was safe inside my backpack...ARGH!

If I'm absent for the next few days, please excuse me...I'll be back when I can! :o)

Until then...keep truckin along, and remember:
God made you special and He loves you VERY much! By By!

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Anonymous said...

Hey tired Mommy - you have had quite a week. Why don't you go on vacation!!! We love you and hope you have a safe trip. We'll keep you in our prayers (as always)! By the way - great job on the 23 pounds. We're proud of you.
Love M&D