Thursday, May 8, 2008

My middle name is Joy...Not GRACE!

I am so blessed. I have been given an unlimited supply of grace. I have been (and will be) forgiven for every time I make a mistake. Yes, I have TONS of grace! However....I am NOT gifted with the "other" kind of grace. You know, the kind that means you can dance, walk and talk at the same time, or just about anything that requires any amount of coordination. I've known this my entire life, I've never been "graceful." But, the past two weeks I have become EXTREMELY NOT graceful. Wanna hear just a few examples of my gracelessness? Here goes...
  • I wrecked the van. Noone was hurt (just my pride). I was backing the van out of the garage and hit the side of the garage. The side mirror is made to fold back against itself, but apparently I hit it "good." Yes, it flipped back, but the glass and the mechanism inside to move it around were broken. Way to go slick! Hubby was able to find an after-market replacement for $80 and fix it himself. Thanks honey.
  • After Bethany, Hubby, & I got home from the lake on Monday, I picked up my camera bag...sounds innocent enough. It was open, and upside down. Out came the camera and CRASH on the driveway. I picked it up, put it back in the bag, took it inside and didn't think much more about it. This camera was purchased more than 4 years ago and has been dropped numerous times. Unfortunately, it's nine lives were apparently used. It won't turn on, and it doesn't just need new batteries. Thankfully, all the 178 pictures that were on the camera were just fine on the memory card! (Guess what I'm asking for for Mother's Day!??!)
  • Our kitchen light was falling. I never noticed it, but Hubby noticed last night that it looked like it was hanging away from the ceiling. Apparently the people who put it up just screwed it directly into the sheet rock....not a stud! They did put a small anchor on the end...SMALL! Once we got up there we realized they had apparently pulled down at least once before. Hubby decided that it needed fixed, of course (he takes such good care of us!) He, being taller, could reach the light fixture and ceiling by standing on a chair. Me, being the shorter one, had to stand directly on the counter in order to reach the height. No problem, we got it disconnected, knew what we needed, hubby decided that he needed to make a run to the store to get a BIG anchor (didn't feel like crawling up into the attic to reposition the light at this point!). He went back to the bedroom to change into jeans (he was in his comfy pants) and I started to get down from the counter...yup, you guessed it. Graceful me FELL off the counter! I knew he would have heard and would come running. I yelled "I'm OK!" But here he comes running with his pants half on/half off. The girls both crawled out of bed and came running. I landed on my right hip, right hand/arm and my back hit the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen. OUCH! Oh, and the back of my head hit the cabinets, too. I was really worried that I would be very stiff this morning, but I really wasn't that bad. I even walked 2.25 miles this morning...walking on the treadmill wasn't so bad, coming up the steps after the treadmill...OY! My hip was hurting then. Ok, I thought I was doing fine, until I picked up my childcare kiddos. Brought them home and got them out of their car seats. When I picked up the baby, back was very tight and sore. I am feeling much better right now, I think I will take some more ibuprophin before I go to bed! Had enough yet? I've got one more for you!
  • I found some frozen cinnamon rolls in the freezer yesterday evening, sounded great for breakfast. They smelled SO GOOD while they were baking this morning. Went to take them out of the oven and burned my hand. Way to go! I tell you what, I think I need to just lay down before I hurt myself or something else! :o)
Just call me Grace! :o)


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about your little counter fall. We really need another night out for supper sometime to sit and laugh about it. Hope your back is better tomorrow. I know Miss Ella is a lugg. Angie

Wendy said...

The bright side to this lack of grace is "it makes for a good post on your blog"

Here's hoping you have a great and uneventful week ..