Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale is FINISHED!

Well, my first garage sale is over. It went ok...not great, but ok. It was WINDY and cold last night, so we kept the garage shut and just used the side door. It was crowded with stuff, and quite a few people came. We both sold our high chairs, so that made me HAPPY!
We both sold quite a bit of clothing, but still have a bunch left. We noticed that people were (of course) buying more spring/summer we are planning another sale for September. We have everything sorted and priced already so it shouldn't be so much work to get it all organized. Plus, we'll have time to go through the rest of our homes to get other stuff besides just kids clothes and toys. After my purchases (;o)) I only made a total of around $50, but that's ok, I got Bethany some cute clothes from my some of my profits went to that. But hey, that's $50 more than I had last week, and just for cleaning out part of the basement...not too bad I think. Like I said, the weather was pretty rotten yesterday, and it started out pretty COLD this morning, though it did warm up towards the end. We'll sell more next fall when we get our winter things out!
I'm off to cook for my family, I haven't done that all week...feeling pretty bad about that! However, they seem to have survived just fine! :o)


Wendy said...

I need to have one of those soon.. Just don't seem to have the time to sort through everything..

Enjoy your day

Elizabeth said...

I have a yard sale practically every yr- sometimes I make about what you made, once it wasn't even worth my time in setting up and tearing down because I price things so cheaply that I only ended up making like 10.00 :P Glad you got a jump on your cleaning and like you said, if you have another one late summer, you will have a whole other group of people to sell to!
I am excited because next week I am going yard-saling for the first time this yr. We have an annual neighborhood sale not far from us that has over 100 homes- I WILL BE THERE :)

On a side note, and it isn't a big deal at all, but I think you may have mistaken our soon arrivals name. We are naming her Christiana, rather than Christina. Anyhow, I just wanted you to know is all :)

Have a great day!!!

Loni said...

Congrats on a successful garage sale. We are getting stuff together for one here too. I am not looking forward to it! And I totally hear ya on the spending to earning ratio. I do that too! But at least you get rid of the old stuff so you can have a place for the new stuff!
Love ya!