Saturday, April 12, 2008


With the cold rainy weather this week, Andrew and Abbigail's soccer practices (Friday night) and soccer games (Saturday) were canceled. The kiddos don't have school on went/came visiting! We are currently at my parents home. The kiddos are all fast asleep (or should be soon!). We have had a fun day playing with my nieces, Ella and Ava. Hubby couldn't come...something about being a pastor and having to work! :o) He also hurt his back on Friday while working out. Pulled a few ribs out of place, boy was he in pain! He went to the chiropractor. He is feeling some better, but not a lot. Prayers for his comfort and healing are greatly appreciated.
This evening for dinner, Mom made spaghetti, and I (of course) offered my ooey gooey cheesey bread! One thing about my kiddos...whenever we eat spaghetti, we have a "topless" dinner. The kiddos all take off their shirts so we don't run the risk of staining them! So...all the kiddos took off their shirts. We had 4 little girls and one little guy eating "naked" for supper. (Can't wait to see how many hits off of google I get for those few sentences!) I haven't even taken one picture (I know...BAD blogging momma!) but hope to remedy that tomorrow. I'll post an update (hopefully with pics) on Monday or Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Oh, and by the way, thanks for all the comments on the last post!! :o)

I just added this pic because I know blog posts are always better with pictures...and I don't have a lot of my pictures on this new puter!

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Elizabeth said...

I hope you are having a good week! Sorry I haven't had time to write you a note, I've been very busy with appts, training, kids home from school, etc, etc.. Have a good day :)