Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu Plan...Sunday??

I know, I know, it is not Monday, but that's ok, I'm going to plan my menu anyway.
Monday: Chicken Tetrazinni...or at least my version!
Tuesday: Smoked Sausage skillet dinner (potatoes, onions, corn, smoked sausage, and cheese, YUMMY!) and fresh bread
Wednesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY!!! He will be celebrating with the youth group, so the kids and I will just do pb&j's or leftovers.
Thursday: Andrew's wrestling banquet...I'm taking a taco salad to share.
Friday: Sloppy Joe's and french fries
Saturday: I'm hoping to take Hubby out to dinner for his birthday, just a tad bit late.


Anonymous said...

Andi - remember when you and your brother Aaron made fun of my "famous skillets". Now I see you are not only making them but classifying them as yummy.

on a serious note, please pray for the future God has in mind for us. Mom and I are meeting with President K. tomorrow afternoon and the board of elders tomorrow night. thanks

love you all - Bobbie and Papa

Connie said...

Your menu looks so good!

Do you have a recipe for Chicken Tetrazinni? I have never made that before.

Have a wonderful....and Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

PlanningQueen said...

A tasy menu plan this week. i hope you get to go out on Saturday night!

Kate said...

You must have great tastes...we are two very similar evenings this week...a sausage skillet and sloppy joes. Soungs good to me!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

The smoked sausage skillet sounds really great!

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Hope y'all will have a wonderful evening together on the weekend!

A Juggling Mum said...

You have lots of yummy things to eat on this weeks menu. Happy birthday to your hubby :)

Have a great week,

Rachel xxx
A Juggling Mum

Sandra said...

Yum, everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

Mine is up too