Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bullet post....

I guess it's been too long since I last parents just called to see if I was still alive. No excuses for not posting, I just haven't.'s what we've been up to...and no, the sunshine isn't keeping me busy, it snowed today! Not too much, but definitely colder!
  • Wednesday night around 11:00 Abbigail woke up, and began another round of the "puking nights." Thankfully, no one else has added to the fest. So, Thursday was spent trying to regain her strength, and catching up on a little sleep for Bethany (took almost 4 hour nap!), Abbigail (took 2 hour nap), and Mom (I even got in almost 1 1/2 hours!).
  • Thursday I also found out that I will be spending the next WEEK filling out paperwork for my new job. We are trying to get our preschool licensed to enroll more children, and that takes a new license! Tons of paperwork which needs to be completed ASAP!
  • Friday we didn't do a whole lot. Just enjoyed knowing it was the last day of school/childcare for a week. This is spring break for our schools.
  • Saturday Abbigail had a make-up dance rehearsal in the morning. In the afternoon we went to our town park for the city's Easter Egg Hunt. It was fun, but only lasted about 10-15 say "GO!" and watch all those kids run off to fill up their baskets...they were picked clean really quick! Thank goodness they at least separate the ages up and have the areas roped off so no one will get a head start!
  • After the egg hunt, the kids and I drove to the city to meet Warren (who was at a meeting) for a little shopping. We got Andrew's Easter shirt, and then began looking for a new laptop. I think it will help a lot in my new job to have a computer I can use here or we are looking. Staples has some really great deals right now, so I'm "hoping" that I will have my own puter by the end of the week! :o)
  • Today is Palm Sunday...a very long Bible reading in church, and a very large attendance for our little church makes for a long service! We are usually finished with services withing an hour, sometimes shorter...this time it was nearly an hour and a half. With three wiggly kiddos...OUCH! But they actually sat very nicely during the sermon and I got to listen! Thanks kids!
  • Today after church I was washing up the breakfast dishes while I was waiting for lunch to cook, and a glass broke in the sink...while my hand was inside to wash it. Sliced my pinky open pretty bad. Andrew picked a Spider man band aid to make me feel better. It's a small, but deep and open cut. It bled pretty bad for a while, but then seemed to stop. Until this evening...I finally got the guts up to finish the from all day. The band aid got wet so I took it off. Pretty soon my finger was all red again. Now I have a pretty pink Barbie band aid...think this one will work?
  • I'm off to do more paperwork...ok, not tonight, it will have to wait till morning!
Blessing to all...I will try to post more pics this week!


Anonymous said...

We had a good time at the waterpark. Tonight Houston was pretending to talk to Loggie on the phone it was so cute he's really going to miss him and you next year. Good luck with all your paperwork!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a lot going on. Hope you get your paperwork done soon and your finger feels better :)