Sunday, March 2, 2008

200th post!!

Ok, first of all...200 posts!! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot! To think I've stuck with something that I have done over 200!

On to the topic of this post. Children and sickness. Abbigail is better. She hasn't thrown up since Friday around noon. Bethany's fever seemed to be gone on Saturday, but has returned today. When she woke up from her nap this afternoon, her eyes were all red and puffy. She looked like she had either been in a fight or had been crying for about two hours...neither of these occurred. So...why is she all puffy? Why hasn't her fever gone down. I don't know! I'm just on the verge of being concerned. I think she'll be going to see the doctor tomorrow.

Since I didn't get to go on my little trip, the girls and I did get to go to the wrestling tournament. Andrew did wonderful! The first match he was pretty clueless. This is his first tournament ever, so he just didn't know the routine (putting the colored thing on his leg, shaking hands, listening to his coach, etc.) He got beat by points in the third round. It was a learning curve...for everyone! I apparently couldn't figure out the new handycam either. Apparently I paused it instead of recording. I figured out the camera by his second match...and it was a good one! He ended up pinning the other little boy. YEA! Go Andrew! In the third match, Andrew was pinned. But he put up a great fight! He didn't give up, even though it was obvious that the other boy had been wrestling for a long time. The other boy was much quicker and more brutal. Andrew's shoulder is sore from the other little boy squeezing it so hard. It was very hard for this momma bear to stay off the mat when my baby was being beaten. But I know it's part of the sport, and Andrew loves wrestling so much! It's a great sport for his asthma. He ended up winning 4th place in the tournament for his weight and age class. I'm not sure exactly how many children were in his weight/age class, but there were at least 4th in his first tournament is pretty great! He got a trophy that he is so proud of. I'll get a pic and post it soon!
I'm excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm fulfilling one of the gift certificates I received from one of my child care families for Christmas. I'm getting a massage! Oh, how wonderful this will be! I've had two others (also gifts) and they are so wonderful...if only I can work Bethany's doctor appointment around the massage appt.!!!
The last item I'd like to address in this rather random #200 post is the weather. What is up with the weather??? Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees (and we had to spend the entire day inside at the wrestling tournament!), it is 33 degrees, very windy, and SNOWING!
What is up with the weather??????
I guess that's what I get for living in Western Kansas...he highest temp for this week is only 55...I want the 70's back!! Ok, God, I'll be patient!
Well, this brings us to the conclusion of yet another rambling, nonsensical post on Prochnow Blessings...thanks for reading! :o)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Andrew did great 4th place is awesome! Keep me posted on how Bethany is doing. We had a great weekend! Landon stayed home all weekend with us. Enjoy your massage you desire I wish I could get you one a week you desire it.
See you Tuesday

Elizabeth said...

80 degrees? Totally Crazy! We don't hit the 80's till summertime! Glad you enjoyed Andrew's wrestling match, and totally enjoy that massage. I've never had one so I will checking back to see how you liked it :)