Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yes my friends...it's a SNOW DAY!!! Another blizzard type day in western Kansas. Even if we only get an inch or two, the wind is blowing the white stuff around so much that it is white out conditions out there. However, today we are supposed to get 8 inches by evening. SNOW DAY!! SNOW DAY!! I remember what excitement I felt when I was a child when my Mom would announce that school was canceled. When my brother an I were older, watching the TV hoping beyond hope that our school would be canceled! I remember doing the "SNOW DANCE" with the other teachers, hoping for a snow day the next day. Now, as a mom, I am still excited for a snow day. A day to lounge around in my jammies. A day to have lazy fun with my kiddos. An unexpected day off from other responsibilities. What a joy an unexpected day off is!

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