Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture post, picture post!!!

Remember the old show that had a song "Picture Pages, Picture Pages....lalalala" Ok, that's all I can remember...but here is my version. I've been promising a lot of pictures, and here we go!

First of all (chronologically speaking!) we had our snow day. Lots of snow, lots of fun. The kids sat around and played on the computer and XBox part of the day. Ashby kept an eye on all the goings on from his usual pearch. The view outside was chilly, but beautiful. Of course the next morning there was much of the white stuff to shovel, so we enlisted the help of our 'slave' labor! The little Lutheran Chick was hansomly rewarded with a yummy cup of hot chocolate!

Abbigail is playing basketball. She was concerned at first because she is a bit on the short side...ok, more than a bit, I mean she IS my daughter! She's having fun, even if she isn't the most gifted basketball player in the bunch.
I told you that the girls and I made chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's day. Here is a pic of the kiddos enjoying said strawberries.

This is what happens when your mom calls just as you are getting ready to tuck the kiddos in for the night, they don't wait for you to finish your conversation! :o) Love the tushie in the air, I didn't think she did this anymore!!
The kids and I ventured to visit my parents this weekend. My brother and his family were on a little trip of their own, so we didn't get to see them, although it was sort of nice to have mom and dad all to ourselves! :o) We got to spend the entire weekend at their home!!! At HOME!! Did you hear me, AT HOME!!! Dad is OUT of the hospital, he is HOME! Bethany and her Papa sure do love eachother! Bethany and her "Bobbie" have a bit of a love affair going as well! Oh, to be rocked to sleep by your grandma (or by your granddaughter!)!!Here is a great picture of my mom and dad...such a beautiful couple, both inside and out!

My kiddos sure do love spending time with their grandparents.

And I'm going out on the limb here and adding a picture of myself and my dad, not that I don't want you to see my beloved dad, but sharing pictures of myself is always a little wierd!
I did find out a bit more about my father's recovery this weekend. I assumed (I know, what does assuming do??) that when it was reported that he now has feeling in his feet, legs, meant he had complete feeling, just like back to normal. I assumed wrong. He has feeling...kind of like the feeling you have when your leg goes to sleep. He can feel if someone is touching him, he can feel the floor, but not completely or with as much precision as you or I. That is one reason he is having such difficulty with relearning how to walk. You know how it is when you sit on a leg and it falls asleep. You have trouble walking, you don't know if your foot is on the floor, if there is something under it, if your ankle is twisted. It's a bit like this for my dad. Just touching him feels wierd. I was brushing a few crumbs off his shirt so I could take his picture and he commented on how wierd it feels. Abbie was touching his leg while we were praying the other night and it was driving him nuts. He could feel it, but what he felt was not a loving touch of his oldest granddaughter, I'm guessing it was more like the pricklies you get when your leg starts waking up. ( are welcome to leave a comment and expand or tell me I'm way off base here!) Mom and Dad are in the process of picking out new flooring for their home to help accomodate the wheelchair...wood laminate! Oh, how I would LOVE to have this stuff in my home!

Picture page is you think I added enough??? Oh, wait, I almost forgot today! Abbigail participated in our county 4-H day today, her first time ever. Here is a pic of her doing her presentationShe told about her camera and showed a picture that she took herself of her and Andrew and Bethany. This little turkey knows so much, I don't think I could figure out how to use the timer on MY camera, and she figured out hers in about a day! Here is the pic she showed:

Ok, I really think we're done now! have you been? :o)

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Elizabeth said...

I loved all the photos you posted of your family (and you too!) I rarely post pics of myself either (mostly because I don't like how I look in most pictures) It was wonderful to get a visual glimpse into your life!!! :) Have a wonderful week!!!