Friday, February 22, 2008

Bethany has a surprise for you!!!

Bethany has a surprise for all of you, but if you are my parents (Bobbie and Papa) PLEASE don't look. She wants to surprise you when she comes to see you next week.

Ok, ready for the surprise?

Bobbie and Papa, you aren't looking, are you??

Can you see the surprise?

How about now?? Sorry for the blurry picture, I guess I need to ask Abbie for some lessons!

Ever since Abbigail had her ears pierced 16 months ago, Bethany has been talking about getting hers done. Our dear friend, Hester, who does our hair is retiring. She is selling all her cosmotology stuff...and in the "stuff" was an ear piercing gun and a bunch of studs. I asked her if I purchased the gun if she would pierce Bethany's ears when we felt ready, and she said of course. Well, that day came only 2 days later. Bethany has been talking about it nonstop since we got the gun (I put it WAY far up so she wouldn't be able to pierce anything on her own!!!) We talked about how it would hurt, but just for a few minutes. How she would need to be brave. How she would have to let me clean them twice a day. How she would need to leave them alone! She agreed to all the terms, and still wanted it done! So...we did it. She was SO brave. She flinched when Hester put the dots on her ears with the marker because she thought that it was going to be the part that hurt, so Hester drew a smiley face on her hand to show it was ok. Hester even "fired" the gun a few times so Bethany would know what it sounded like, so she wouldn't be scared. She sat so still and didn't cry at all, until the first earring had been placed for about 3 seconds, then she howled! We quickly did the other ear, and gave lots of snuggles! She was so brave. She even sat very still while Hester was doing the second ear, even knowing it was going to hurt. As soon as Hester was done, she handed her a mirror so Bethany could see her sparkles, and oh, boy...she was so pleased! You can see in her face that she's been crying, and still not entirly sure about the whole thing, but she's pretty proud now!

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