Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on my dad! New Info! (3:30)

For the friends and family around the country praying for my dad, THANK YOU! God is doing a miracle in his life. In July/August when he had no feeling or movement in his legs, I didn't think he would ever walk again. But I was wrong! He has been walking with the help of parallel bars and a physical therapist since Christmas Eve. This week he accomplished another big hurdle, the walker! He is now able to walk with only the assistance of a walker!! He said he had people on every side waiting to offer support, but no one touched him! He walked about 13 feet that first time, and since has walked many times using the walker. :o) Praise God!
Mom and Dad had a wheel chair lift installed in their garage last week so that when dad is released from the rehabilitation hospital, he will be able to get into the house! Someday he might not need it, but it will be essential for some time to come. February 1 is circled big and red on their calender as the date they are expected to be released from the hospital. Again, PRAISE GOD!!!

UPDATED INFO FOR THE UPDATE! As of 3:30, Dad just finished walking 75 feet! He walked 53 feet this morning. He sounded winded, but WOW!! Mom said that he had to sit down a few times during his 75 foot walk, but he kept getting up and kept going! YEA!!


Elizabeth said...

That is so Great- Our God truly is an Awesome God!!! :)

Patty said...

Wonderful news!!!