Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Prayers please...UPDATE

I have two prayer requests this morning.
First...a prayer of thanksgiving. My dad got up out of his wheelchair and walked the entire length of the parallel bars (probably 15 feet) and sat back in his wheelchair, all UNASSISTED! No one had a hand on him, he did it all by himself, with God's help of course! Praise God for answering our prayers for strength. It is slow going, but he is indeed getting stronger each and every day.

Second...a prayer for safety. My husband is driving to a town about 2 hours away for a pastor's meeting. He called about 5 minutes after leaving home and said that the highway was a sheet of ice. He called back about 3 minutes later and said that there was a bad accident and could I please call the sheriff to make sure someone had reported it. He called a little later to let me know he would call when he got to the next big town, about 15 miles away. That was nearly an hour and a half ago. He still hasn't called. I've tried calling him many times and he is not answering his cell phone. I keep telling myself that he's just got his music up too loud and can't hear the phone...please let that be all there is. I'm so worried right now I'm almost in tears. PLEASE GOD, KEEP HIM SAFE!!!! One of the families I do childcare for, the dad is a highway patrolman. He is off today, but I'm considering calling him and seeing if he can find out if there has been any more accidents, if he can find out any info for me. I know...I just need to calm down and take a deep breath. He's fine, I'm sure....

UPDATE: He is fine. He was having some issues with his hood not wanting to stay latched, so he stopped in Garden City (the town he said he was going to call from) to see if he could fix it. He was concerned about the hood and forgot to call. He left the phone inside the car, so he didn't hear it ringing. He feels very bad about making me worry. I just thank God that he's ok!!!

Thanks for praying...Andie


Rebecca said...

Oh Andie! I would be SO scared too! I am praying that as I write this, your hubby has already or is in the process of contacting you. I will continue to pray for his safety-going to and returning from the meeting. The Lord is in control Andie.

So hard to believe it is almost 70 degrees out here today and it is a sheet of ice where you are! Try to stay as calm as possibly. You'll hear soon. Remember-the Lord is in control.

Elizabeth said...

I read this too late, but I am very glad your hubby is safe and sound. I am also rejoicing in your dad's progress!!! :)