Thursday, January 17, 2008

He IS his father's son!

My son, I love him. My husband, I love him. My son, drives me nuts. My husband, drives me nuts! Do you see a pattern here? They both love to tease and play tricks on everyone, especially me! I have a certain phobia...FROGS! EWWWW! Just thinking about frogs makes my heart beat faster. Why would I be afraid of a silly little animal? I know it is an irrational fear...but I'm afraid none the less...I blame childhood bullies.
Anyway...Andrew has this little rubber frog (it's squishy and slimy, just plain gross!). He has taken to hiding it near me lately. Well, last night I told him to get it out of my sight or it was going into the trash. He took it away. I assumed he went to put it away in his room. WRONG! When I went to bed several hours later I checked to see if my alarm was set for the proper time, and this is what I found:

I am so glad that I found it last night instead of when my alarm went off at 5:30...I would have SCREAMED so loud! That little turkey! This is EXACTLY something his father would do! In fact, Warren was so proud of him when I showed him what HIS son had done! :-) Warren is even threatening to make the theme on my PDA a frog theme and the ringer on my cell phone a frog's croak....EWWWW! What am I going to do with two of them in the house??? Guess I just have to keep loving them.


Rebecca said...

That is too funny! Little stinkpot! I love how you called him a Turkey. My brother in law calls Matt that all the time~I had never before heard other people use it!

They keep your life interesting. That's for SURE! :-)

Andie said...

Turkey must be a regional thing. Around here people are always callng one another a turkey...when they do something silly or ornery, and that describes my boys to a T!

Rebecca, where is your bro-in-law from???

Elizabeth said...

That was funny :) That is something my hubby or my son Wayne would have done too! Gotta Love Em :)

Carol said...


But I like frogs......

But I can see my kids doing this!