Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another prayer request UPDATED

My husband is traveling. He SHOULD be traveling home. His plane was supposed to leave at 4:00 and arrive at 5:15. He should be home NOW! He's not. The plane he is supposed to get on hasn't even left the previous location. Something about someone trying to bring a suspicious package on board has shut down the entire airport, no planes are leaving or taking off...which means his plane is grounded in Hayes, can't even go to Kansas City to get him.

I am NOT cut out to be a single mother. I need a partner. I need a back-up. I need my husband. My head is pounding, the kids are whiny, they miss their dad. And...I need to take Andrew to wrestling since Daddy isn't home. Wrestling is not a mom thing, it's a dad thing! It's certainly not a mom-with-a-headache thing! Oh well...I am more thankful for my husband now than I was a week ago...didn't know that was possible.

Please pray that his plane is allowed to leave, gets him, and comes home safely. Thanks!

Update: His plane was finally allowed to leave Hays and then came to Kansas City to get him and the 2 other passengers...yes, there were only 3 passengers on his flight, it is amazng the airline didn't just cancel their flight!Instead of geting home around 6:00, he finally arrived just after 9:00. The kids were all in bed, but not completely asleep, so they all came running out "DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" They were so glad to see him...so was I!!! The headache persists, but at least it is down to a dull ache instead of a pounding drum. Thank you all for your prayers and support!!


Loni said...

I hope all went well and Warren arrived safe and sound.
AND I hope you got rid of that headache!!!

Elizabeth said...

I hope your hubby is home- I understand your feelings of not being cut out to be a single mom. Just last night I was brought to tears when Bob said "you would be just fine without me, I won't be around forever you know" Have A Good Day!!

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As far as I know no one is looking at the boy files.....so sad!! My heart is tugging for the 2 yr old with the VSD....such a simple thing to correct!! I'm praying for them!!