Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prayers PLEASE!!!

I know there are many prayer warriors out there who read blogs...so I'm appealing to you.

First of all, my dad's health has been a struggle since January. He was in the hospital for more than a month. His recovery has been a very slow process. He ended up back in the hospital two weeks ago for chest pains (which turned out to be nothing) and a very painful knee. They decided he needs a knee replacement, but his health is not at the point where they can do another major surgery right now. So, he is supposed to receive steroid shots to help with his knee until he can have the replacement done. He was released from the hospital last Tuesday (one week ago today). He had a follow-up appointment with his doctor on Thursday. Things looked good. Thursday night he did something to his back, and has been in extreme pain since. Apparently he hasn't even gotten out of bed. Mom and my brother were going to call an ambulance this morning to come help get him to the hospital so they can see what's going on.

Now...all of the emergency crews in their town are busy, there was a terrible explosion at a solvent plant. Most of the town has been evacuated. The wind is blowing the fumes and smoke away from my parents house, so they are safe at this point. I told mom that she should call ems and just let them know that they are there, and if their part of town needs to be evacuated, they will need help. I'm so worried about them...all of them, the entire town. The solvents and chemicals can't be put out with water, they are waiting for some sort of foam to arrive to help put it out. If you want more info on the info, it's an explosion at Barton Solvents in Valley Center, Kansas.

I live about 4 hours away, and there is nothing I can do...except pray! I'm watching the continuous coverage on the Internet, and it just looks so scary! Please pray for the entire town, but especially my dad and mom.

Thank you...and I will try to post an update as soon as I find out they are OK.

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