Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The long awaited ND pictures

Here are just a few of the MANY pictures I took in ND. Ok...not just a "few", but not nearly all of them!

Bethany and Maddox driving around.

Fun in the pool.

Hunter (the oldest cousin at 11) and his baby sister, Addison (the youngest cousin at 3 months).

Here comes the parade!!! (4th of July Parade)Uncle Nick is in the Army (going to Iraq in the fall)...he's carrying the American flag (he's wearing camo)

We took the kiddos to Chuck-E-Cheese...I'm not sure who had more fun, daddy or the kids!

Uncle Brad works for the county maintaining roads and such, he stopped by for lunch one day with the road grader, the kids had fun checking it out!

"Baby Addison is SOO Cute!!!!" Bethany could be heard saying this at least 100 times a day.

And here is the ultimate in "Red Neck"... Brad brought a TV outside, and hooked up the cable so that he could sit in his pool, drink a beer, and watch Nascar! What a redneck! :-)

Here is Addison and her mommy, Aunt Jenny.Andrew and his favorite cousin, Braden.
And here's the entire clan! We haven't done an entire family picture since Nick and Lindsay got married (the first time...long story) about 5 years ago! Lots of newcomers since then!
Here's the list of who is who...The first family on the left is Brad and Jenny (Warren's #2 brother). Their kiddos are Hunter (11), Braden (6), and Addison (3 mo). Then is us (Warren is the oldest of the brothers). Our kids are Abbigail (7), Andrew (5), and Bethany (3). Grandma is sitting in the chair. Justin is in the blue shirt (he's the youngest brother and single). Nick and Lindsay are the last family on the right (Nick is the #3 brother, and the one in the Army). Bailey (9) and Maddox (4) are their kids.

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